full_truck_loadFull Truck Load

The movement of commodities in bulk is legendary and is also one of our specialties. Raw material, semi finished, finished goods are transported in    bulk through MMT. Dynamic assignment and sequencing of trucks to jobs consisting of picking up and delivering full truckloads when requests for service arise on a continuous basis.

Dynamic reassignment of trucks to loads, including diversion to a new load of a truck already en route to pick up another load as well as for the    dynamic re-sequencing of the order in which loads are to be served as new loads arrive and conditions unfold.

Freight services from and to any point within Bangladesh.


Container-Handling-ServicesContainer Handling Services

Containers of all types, closed and open top are handled by us. Containerized door to door services are available. MMT has own fleet of containers and containerized vehicles. We also take a care of perishables in refrigerated containers by controlling the temperature. Our containers pass through the most stringent test before loading – like humidity check, leakage check, and floor check only after these tests a container in loaded and set for the road.




Over-Dimensional-ConsignmenOver Dimensional Consignment

Over dimensional consignment services are those consignments which are of extra ordinary dimensions and tonnage. MMT is one of the authorized transporters for many companies who dispatch their ODC. Special trailers, cranes are applied for handling these ODC’s.